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Family Law

Expert Service

  • Client Intake and Communication:

   - Conduct initial client interviews to gather relevant information about the case.

   - Communicate with clients to provide updates on case progress and gather necessary documentation.

  •    - Schedule appointments, meetings, and court appearances for clients and attorneys.

  • Legal Research and Case Analysis:

   - Conduct legal research on Georgia family law statutes, regulations, and relevant case law.

   - Summarize legal research findings for attorneys to inform case strategies.

   - Analyze complex legal issues and provide recommendations to attorneys.

  • Document Preparation and Filing:

   - Draft and prepare legal documents, including petitions, complaints, motions, and pleadings.

   - Ensure all documents are accurately completed and formatted in compliance with Georgia court rules.

   - File documents electronically or in person with Georgia courts and serve opposing parties as required.

  • Discovery and Evidence:

   - Assist with the discovery process by drafting and responding to discovery requests, including interrogatories and requests for production of documents.

   - Organize and review evidence, including financial documents, emails, and other relevant materials.

   - Prepare and index exhibits for court hearings and trials.

  • Financial Documentation:

   - Analyze financial affidavits and statements to determine income, assets, and liabilities for matters like child support and alimony.

   - Assist with calculating child support and alimony according to Georgia guidelines.

  • Child Custody and Visitation:

   - Draft parenting plans and visitation schedules in compliance with Georgia law.

   - Prepare and file documents related to child custody modifications or enforcement.

  • Spousal Support and Property Division:

   - Assist in the preparation of documents related to spousal support (alimony) and property division.

   - Help organize and value marital assets for equitable distribution.

  • Court Proceedings:

   - Coordinate court appearances, hearings, and trials with clients, witnesses, and opposing counsel.

   - Attend court proceedings to provide administrative support, take notes, and assist attorneys as needed.

  • Mediation and Settlement Negotiations:

   - Assist with preparing clients for mediation sessions and settlement conferences.

   - Draft settlement agreements and negotiation correspondence under attorney supervision.

  • Conflict Checks and Ethical Compliance:

    - Conduct conflict checks to ensure there are no conflicts of interest with potential clients.

    - Ensure compliance with ethical rules and professional conduct standards in all tasks.

  • Legal Billing and Records Management:

    - Maintain accurate time records for billing purposes.

    - Assist in preparing billing invoices and tracking payments from clients.

  • Client Support and Education:

    - Provide clients with information about court procedures, timelines, and case updates.

    - Offer emotional support and resources to clients during challenging family law matters.

  • Court Rules and Deadlines:

    - Stay up-to-date with Georgia family law court rules, procedures, and filing deadlines.

    - Ensure all documents and actions adhere to court requirements.

  • Continuing Education:

    - Participate in legal education seminars and workshops to stay current on changes in family law regulations and practices in Georgia.​

  • Case Intake and Assessment: Assist in the initial intake of clients, gather relevant information about their family law matters, and assess potential legal issues.

  • Legal Research: Conduct legal research on Georgia family law statutes, case law, and relevant regulations to support the attorney's case strategies.

  • Document Preparation: Draft and prepare legal documents, including pleadings, motions, petitions, and other court filings, in compliance with Georgia's court rules and procedures.

  • Filing and Record Keeping: File documents with the appropriate Georgia courts and maintain organized case files and records.

  • Discovery Support: Assist in the discovery process by gathering and organizing evidence, preparing interrogatories, requests for production, and other discovery-related documents.

  • Client Communication: Communicate with clients, schedule appointments, and update them on case progress and court dates.

  • Communication with Opposing Counsel: Liaise with opposing counsel or their paralegals to exchange information and documents in compliance with Georgia's rules of professional conduct.

  • Trial Preparation: Prepare trial notebooks, exhibits, and witness lists, and assist with trial preparation, including coordinating with witnesses and experts.

  • Mediation and Settlement: Assist with mediation preparations and settlement negotiations.

  • Child Support and Custody Calculations: Help calculate child support and custody arrangements in accordance with Georgia's child support guidelines and family law statutes.

  • Domestic Relations Financial Affidavits: Assist clients in completing the required financial affidavits for divorce and other family law matters.

  • Guardianship and Adoption Proceedings: Support attorneys in guardianship and adoption proceedings by preparing necessary documents and monitoring timelines.

  • Court Appearance Assistance: If authorized by the attorney, attend court hearings, trials, and other proceedings to provide assistance and take notes.

  • Maintaining Deadlines: Track deadlines and ensure that all required documents are filed with the court within the specified timeframes.

  • Legal Software and Technology: Utilize legal software and technology tools effectively to manage case documents, calendaring, and communication.

  • Conflict Checks and Ethical Compliance: Conduct conflict checks and ensure ethical compliance in all aspects of case management.

  • Continuing Education: Stay informed about changes in Georgia family law statutes, rules, and court procedures through continuous legal education.

  • Client Support: Provide emotional support to clients during the legal process and offer resources for additional support, if necessary.

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