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  • Case Intake and Assessment: Assist in the initial intake of clients, gather relevant information about the motor vehicle accident or personal injury, and assess potential legal issues.

  • Document Collection: Obtain police reports, medical records, accident reports, insurance information, and any other relevant documents needed for the case.

  • Legal Research: Conduct legal research on Georgia motor vehicle laws, personal injury statutes, case law, and relevant regulations to support the attorney's case strategies.

  • Document Preparation: Draft and prepare legal documents, including demand letters, complaints, answers, motions, and other court filings, in compliance with Georgia's court rules and procedures.

  • Filing and Record Keeping: File documents with the appropriate Georgia courts and maintain organized case files and records.

  • Expert Witness Coordination: Assist in coordinating with accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, and other relevant experts for the case.

  • Discovery Support: Assist in the discovery process by gathering and organizing evidence, preparing interrogatories, requests for production, and other discovery-related documents.

  • Medical Bill Review: Review and summarize medical bills and records related to the motor vehicle accident or personal injury.

  • Client Communication: Communicate with clients, schedule appointments, and update them on case progress.

  • Communication with Opposing Counsel and Insurance Companies: Liaise with opposing counsel, insurance adjusters, or their paralegals to exchange information and negotiate settlements.

  • Mediation and Settlement: Assist with mediation preparations and settlement negotiations.

  • Trial Preparation: Prepare trial notebooks, exhibits, and trial binders, and assist with trial preparation, including witness preparation and exhibits.

  • Legal Correspondence: Draft and review legal correspondence, including letters to opposing counsel, insurance companies, and clients.

  • Legal Software and Technology: Utilize legal software and technology tools effectively to manage case documents, calendaring, and communication.

  • Maintaining Deadlines: Track deadlines and ensure that all required documents are filed with the court within the specified timeframes.

  • Legal Billing and Invoicing: Assist with legal billing and invoicing tasks, including preparing billing entries and maintaining billing records.

  • Conflict Checks and Ethical Compliance: Conduct conflict checks and ensure ethical compliance in all aspects of case management.

  • Continuing Education: Stay informed about changes in Georgia motor vehicle and personal injury laws, rules, and court procedures through continuous legal education.

  • Client Support: Provide support to clients during the legal process and address their questions or concerns, particularly in matters related to their injuries and medical treatment.

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